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Academic Standards


Foundation Standards


Our latest release of "Introduction to Forensic Science" now includes a complete listing of the appropriate academic standards for each module.
Students engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation along with career awareness and exploration.

The knowledge and skills acquired within this standards-based program integrates classroom, laboratory, project, and work based instruction as well as internship, community classroom,and career technical education.
To view an example of the academic standards for Module 3 - The History of Forensic Science
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Academic Standards

43 Modules/Topics

Frequent Questions

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Opening Activities

Lab Experiments


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Career Planning & Mgmt.
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
Health & Safety
Responsibility & Flexibility
Ethics & Legal Responsibility
Leadership & Teamwork
Technical Knowledge & Skills
Demonstration & Application

Pathway Standards

Pathway standards include the essential knowledge and skills students must master to be successful in the career pathway.        
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