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Frequent Questions


How many hours of instruction are included on the CD? The CD includes approximately 5 hours of instruction for each module. The latest version of the CD includes 43 modules. (43 modules X 5 hours = 215 hours of instruction)

Where do I begin? The best place to go to start using your "Introduction to Forensic Science" CD is the "Contents" folder. The information contained in the "Contents" folder will guide your exploration. It lists all of the modules and each of the module's components along with a listing of the hands-on lab experiments and the first opening activity.

What computer software must I have to read the files included on the Introduction to Forensic Science CD? You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer as well as Microsoft's PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer.

Does the curriculum meet current standards of training? Yes, the curriculum meets California's academic standards in language arts and mathematics.

How much does the curriculum cost? You do not buy the curriculum, it is leased to you (or your district) on an annual basis, much like a magazine subscription. The current lease agreement permits each lessee to use the curriculum at one site for $495. (Multiple sites within one district may receive a discount.)

How often is the curriculum revised? Each July, new improvements are made to the curriculum. These improvements may include completely new modules, revised modules, new and revised lab experiments and opening activities, and any necessary changes needed to keep the student abreast of ongoing developments in the Forensic Science field. All current leaseholders will receive a new cd every July as major updates become available.

What kind of equipment is needed to teach Introduction to Forensic Science? Some instructors pick and choose which modules they would like to focus on with their class.
Two of the most popular modules are generally Crime Scene Investigation and Fingerprinting.
The Lightning Powder Company is our recommendation for a manufacturer and supplier of Crime Scene Investigation Equipment. Black fingerprint powder, camelhair brushes, clear tape, latent print backing cards, porelon fingerprint stations, applicant fingerprint cards, evidence labels and bags, and a wide variety of other supplies are available from Lightning Powder Company.

What is included in a module?
Topic Outline (Instructor Version)
Overhead projection version of topic outline
Fill-in the blanks (Student version of topic outline)
PowerPoint presentation
Multiple Choice/True-False/Fill-in Tests (A & B Versions with answer keys)
Terminology List*
Termionlogy Tests*
*These are included on new and revised modules.

What is included in a hands-on laboratory experiment?
Objectives - what the student is expected to learn from the experiment
Equipment & Supplies Needed to Conduct the Experiments
Assignment - directions for conducting the experiments and recording one's findings
Vendor List - the web addresses of several reliable vendors
Review Questions - several questions that reinforce the knowledge gained from the lab assignment

Where can students get further training and education in Forensic Science? East Los Angeles College has Certificate and AA degree programs in many areas of Administration of Justice.

e - Administration of Justice
What else is included with the annual lease agreement? Technical support (on site, telephone, email) is provided for all current lessors by Jeanne Renner (CEO - Golden Lady Unlimited) or Dr. Janis Cavanaugh (Consultant - The Forensic Science Academy). Please contact us for curriculum modifications you may desire based on your special needs.



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Frequent Questions

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You may find answers to many of your questions in this section. Our clients often first hear of the curriculum at the many technical education conferences we attend each year. If you still have questions after perusing our web site, please call our Whittier headquarters or send an email to

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