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The Modules

Each of the 43 modules now included in our "Introduction to Forensic Science" curriculum contains:
Outline of the topic
Overhead Projection version of the topic
Fill-in-the-blank version of the topic outline (for the student)
Power Point Presentation of the topic
Multiple choice/T-F Tests (with A&B versions & Answer Keys)


What is ROP?
Ethics & Integrity
The History of Forensic Science
Crime Labs and Forensic Science
Rules of Evidence
Latent Fingerprint Classification
Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Photography
Evidence Collection & Preservation
Processing Evidence
Arson Investigation
Forensic Anthropology
Courtroom Testimony
Special Topics in Forensics: Accounting,
Nursing, & Engineering


Academic Standards

Frequent Questions

Lease Agreement

Solve It (Opening Activities)

Lab Experiments


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New & Revised Modules

Forensic Pathology
Forensic Toxicology
Questioned Documents & Handwriting Analysis
Forensic Serology
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Forensic Odontology
Polygraph Examinations
Terrorism & Homeland Security
Serial Killers
The Microscope
Trace Evidence: Hair, Fibers, & Paint
Trace Evidence: Glass & Soil
Forensic Psychiatry
Forensic Entomology
Motor Vehicle Investigation
Firearms & Tool Marks
Computer Forensics
Cultural Diversity

The newer/revised modules also include the following:

Terminology Lists
Terminology Tests


Blind Justice

Employment Skills & Background Investigations
Sexual Harassment
Report Writing
Identity Theft
Domestic Violence
Career Options in Forensic Science
Methamphetamine Investigation
Mobile Device Forensics
Cold Case Investigations (New)

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